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"Inspirational and Impacting" - I would highly recommend David to your church.

                                            Aaron Bachmann: Lifestyle Church

A New Message to the Church
Impacting and empowering churches to be more influential in this generation

We are living in crazy times. Pastors have pressure  to lead their congregations through the difficult maize of issues bombarding our culture. On top of this they have to carry the weight of finances, staff, volunteers and pastoring their church, which can very tough.


I have found there are two major issues most Pastors have to deal with.Firstly, the struggle to engage more of their congregations to participate in building the body of Christ. Secondly, why only a percentage of their congregation tithe or fund the local church. This in turn can place more pressure upon the Pastor.

As we know 97% of the congregation are in the marketplace in some shape or form. Whether this be a student, mum, dad, professional or retire. It is these people that need activating as they are the engine room that is called to infiltrate the world and bring Gods Kingdom to Earth.


 My goal is to empower church members and teach them:

  • The Importance of their Assignment in the marketplace and how to activate it.

  • Why they are “called” to fund their  local church, as this is their spiritual covering in the marketplace.

  • The power of uniting together under one vision to bring Gods Kingdom to earth.


When churches hear these teachings and activate them a  whole new momentum builds empowering the church, the Pastor and the Army of Christ to influence their communities, cities and nations.

In saying the above, I have nothing to sell, ask for no money and have no agenda except to empower the body of Christ.

Aaron Bachmann. Lifestyle Church.

“Inspirational and Impacting.” -  David Leslie has spoken powerfully a number of times into the life our church and leaders.


Each time his message and ministry has been dynamic, authentic and connected with the heart of the people. People receive and respond to God’s best when he speaks. I would highly recommend him to your will be blessed!.

A  passionate man that has touched millions worldwide through his ministry

Dave Leslie is an international speaker, business owner, preacher  and man that is passionate about building Gods Kingdom. His mandate is to bridge the church with the marketplace and activate churches to influence their communities, cities and nations.


His current projects, companies and ministries are all focused on building Gods Kingdom:


These teachings have touched 40m people worldwide
The ASP Movment

Davids teachings form part of our larger vision called the ASP Movement which is uniting churches globally.

​  ​

The whole objective of this movement is to bring Gods Ways into the Marketplace and transform Australia into a Just Nation running a Preferred Economy.


A just nation is a nation that has no crime, no poverty, no social, political  or economic distress. It is essentially Gods Kingdom on Earth. It is exactly what King Solomon did 3000 years ago and what we are trying to achieve now in Australia.


​The ASP Movement is uniting leaders, pastors, marketplace professionals, mums and dads and churches globally.

This in turn is growing the church's influence in the world and pioneering an influential nation on the world stage.

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