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One of Kevins Picture auction Exhibitions in
San Fransisco/USA in 2014

A local Sunshine Coast, Queenslander boy at heart, who has travelled the world

doing what he enjoys - Imagemaking... Photography and film - with a flare for communications and writing (Public Relations)

Before Kevin set up his own photography business in the mid 80's,  he was training as a manager for a large Australian based engineering company. This honed his skills in marketing and the wholesale/retail side of manufactured products. Basically just dealing with people he recalls.  Kevin worked with a team of gifted people who were willing to pass on their talents and craftmanship. Today he can thank those powerpacked days, as he now runs a successful Image Making organisation that specialises in helping people feel good about themselves.  "Anyone can look good in their pictures" says Kevin . Some nice lighting with the right angle and lens on the camera are a good start and the rest comes from years of experience.

After being in and out of Australia for the last 30 years,  working with Government Agencies and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs),  Kevin has decided to spend more time back in Australia. He recalls it was challenging in the late 90s and early 2000's - juggling  2 showrooms. A Portrait Gallery and busy Studio that specialised in Fashion makeovers on Queensland's, Sunshine Coast, whilst the other office concentrated on fine portraiture.  "I Love working with families & Children" - even in wartorn or poverty-stricken zones of the world - those children would laugh and play no matter what the situation. "We have so much to be thankful for in this country" says Kevin. "The passion of working with NGOs around the world will have to slow down a little, it's been a tough decision"  he said. For family reasons, he has decided to spend more time back in Australia.

AUGUST 2014 - in Nimule, South Sudan

The image on the left was taken when the these kids (most of them victums of the Sudanese wars) sang me happy birthday in their native language. Arabic is the main dialect spoken there. This is one of the many images that I have which holds precious memories that will last me a lifetime.

Kevin was also awarded his 4th Master of Photography for excellence in Portrait Image Making whilst he was a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers over a decade ago. He decided to move more into film work as the demand increased for this type of work in the early part of 2000. In those days, the equipment was big and bulky, not like today where you can run a camera so small and light and still get amazing results using skills that you've acquired over the years.

Kevin has worked with some of the BIGGEST companies on the planet and made images for some of the wealthiest executives on the planet - he's also filmed/photographed with the poorest of the poor and seen the worst of the worst - war and starvation.

"I'm excited about our NEW venture back in Australia" says Kevin - There's quite a few past clients and families who have contacted Kevin recently, wanting updates of their images. After all, it's been some time since he has photographed or filmed some of them.

Who knows, I might be able to film a few movies while I'm back in Australia! Here's one where I was Simon Hunter's Director of Photography.  It's a few years old and was shot to raise funds for a Children's Hospital. The Project was teamed entirely by volunteers and the whole thing was completed in 11 days, a mammoth task! If you've ever shot a full motion picture you'll understand why.  It was a real buzz and despite the hard work we had a blast. Check out the trailer here and the IMDB blurb HERE

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